Omar Santos
Throughout reading the book Othello by Shakespeare I got surprised on the events that occurred in the end of the book. The book showed the readers how one loves another person and shows how two people are determine to be together. One question i got would be that why does Othello get judge on his social class throughout the story?
The play Othello by Shakespeare's was a story where there were two people who were in love with each other. A woman named Desdemona who had a father named Brabantio which didn't like the idea that his daughter was going out with this guy named Othello. When her father found out that they had sex and also got married behind his back, he got mad and tried to take Othello to count but he really couldn't do anything because Othello was a moor and a general. There was two reason why her father Brabantio didn't want his daughter with him. It was because Othello was a black person which was very different race from Desdemona who was white. Also Desdemona was a really wealthy person who had money and Othello didn't. Brabantio wanted to have a rich son in law. There fore didn't want Desdemona to marry Othello. For example there's a statement that states "Happiness least a few movements in life but then faints away". This quote basically describes the book and explains what the book is about. This quote basically describes the book and explains what the book is about.
Throughout the story both Othello and Desdemona both fought to be with each other but in the story there were many people that didn't what them to be together. Desdemona loved Othello because he who her everything that had happened to him when he was a young kid and told her always how much he loves her. In a quote by Othello "I did consent, and often did beguile her of her tears when i did speak of some distressful stroke that my youth suffered. My story being done, She gave for my pains a world of (sighs.) She swore, in faith, 'twas strange,’ was passing strange, Taws pitiful,’ was wondrous pitiful." (act3 SC3,page number 34, page line 184.) It talks about how Othello was telling Desdemona about something’s that happened to him when he was a young boy and when he did, Desdemona would tear and would give him a face like if she was sorry for him. I think that if Desdemona and Othello didn't have anyone trying to break them apart i think that there marriage would have been perfect and they both would live happily ever after but there father doesnt want them to be together.

When Shakespeare wrote this play i felt that he wanted to show his readers that its hard for love to come by and still and show us that love is to good to be true. What i mean is that nothing in life is going to be perfect. Love is always a good thing in life but at the same time it could be hard. Some people in life might not want you to be together just because there jealous or like what happened in the story with Othello. He was a love caring person who loved Desdemona but really couldn't be with her because of her father and of his skin color. In a quote said by lago "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram Is tupping your white ewe." (act1,SC 1) . He was telling this to Brabantio and picking things in is head about how Othello was doing his daughter and that he was an old dirty black man.
Both Othello and Desdemona had faith that they were going to be together even thou there was Rodrigo and lago who didn't want them together. Othello who wasn't the only one who wanted to be with Desdemona but there was this person called Roderigo, Rodrigo was a very rich man who loved Desdemona. He payed some man called lago so that he could help him get Desdemona but they were to late after founding out that both Othello and her got married. I think Desdemona would have still picked Othello over Rodrigo because she really didn't need the money cause she was wealth enough all really and she really liked how Othello talked to her and told her about all the traveling he has done and about his wars.
The character that changed the whole story was this man named lago. He was the whole reason why Othello, Desdemona and Rodrigo all ended up dead. lago was made by roderigo to make Desdemona go with him an leave Othello. Othello was already married to Desdemona so the only way that he could made Desdemona fell in love with Rodrigo was to kill Othello. Othello made Cassio a lieutant and lago was jerlous of him. So one night he makes him drunk too much and makes him fight with Roderigo and Cassio cant do that cause he's a lieutenant and that would make him look bad. Once Othello See's this he takes his lieutenant job away from him. Iago Tell's Cassio to be nice to Othello's wife who is Desdemona) so that she could make Othello give him back his job. So after a while Cassio is being nice to her and Othello is getting jealous of him and thinks that she is cheating on him with Casv sio. Then Othello is being told that he has to go back and take care of other business and then think gets really jealous because his guessing that Desdemona is going to still back with Cassio. This whole plan that lago did, really did change on how Othello felt about Desdemona and the way he thought about her. Now by this happening to him he feels that he cant trust her anymore more and in a quote saying "By the world, I think my wife be honest and think she is not."-Othello act 3 SC3, he is saying there is no more trust between them. In my point of view i felt that Othello should have come up to Desdemona and told her how he felt about her and Cassio being so close to each other.
Between the middle to the end of the story, there were many conflicts that went on leading to many people had die. Basically the only one that survived was Cassio who didn't even try to hurt Desdemona or take her away from Othello. All the characters Emilia(who was lago wife's), Roderigo, lago and Desdemona and Othello all died all because of lago himself. The reason Emilia die was because she knew what lago was planning to do and when she came inside the room and saw what had happened, she was about to say something but lago stopped her and killed her. Rodrigo did really like Desdemona but that wasn't the right way of getting her from Othello. The death of Desdemona was really hurtful. Othello killed her just because he didn't want him to see her with another man and also he thought she was cheating on him with Cassio. Othello killed himself because the only reason he wake up everyday was to be with Desdemona and if she was dead, then what was the point of him still being alive so he took his own life. Finally lago no one killed him but himself. What i mean on saying this is that he told so many lies that at the end of the story everyone found out what kind of a person he was and what his plan was meant to do. Before Othello had dies he left one last will which was to hung/execute lago for all the wrong doing he did.
When Othello killed Desdemona I think that Shakespeare was giving an over view of what might love cause us and makes us do sometimes. In the story after he killed Desdemona he didn't just kill himself, he was telling Lodovico and Montano how he wanted to be remembered and how much he loves Desdemona. I think overall at the end of the story Shakespeare wanted to show us the meaning love and show us how Othello was really in Love with Desdemona.