For Hassan's birthday, Baba gave him a present in which would change his life forever. Baba sent Dr. Kumar to help fix his celft lip so that Hassan would look "normal". It says a lot about Baba's character in the book. He appears to be the one who puts all differences aside, like social status and treat Hassan like a son. An example would be on page 11: 3&4. Baba reminds them both that they were fed from the same breastwhich froms a bond that can only be shared by by men that were like brothers. Even though Baba is really close to Hassan, he still sees Hassan as an "odd" person because of his appereance. No kid wanted to play with Hassan except for Amir.

Also Baba has to have some form of relationship with Hassan becaue they both have something that is common. An example would be when Baba and Rahim Khan were in the study talking to each other. They mentioned how Hassan always has to save Amir when they get into trouble. As if Hassan way the heroic one between the two. Baba is a hero for the people where as Hassan is the hero for Baba's son. Baba is also probably greatful that Amir has someone that is watching over him.

Amir was puzzled and also a little upset when it came to Hassan's birthday gift. "It wasn't fair. Hassan hadn't done anything to earn Baba's affection; he'd just been born with that stupid harelip." (46:3). Amir was mad that Hassan didn't have to work as hard to with Baba's love. Amir was jealous that Hassan has won the love of Baba so easily. Amir feels that he had to pull every string in the book in order for his father to show some affection towards him whether it be storytelling, or just trying to spark a conversation with him in the stuy. It never seemed to work out for him. Paying for someone physical appearance to be change is a huge gift and life changing. Amir was usually only given toys and new gadgets. It was mainly the value of the gift that mattered. If Baba had given Amir something twice as good, Amir wouldn't even care about what Hassan had.