Adrian Grech
Alienation, defined by Karl Marx is defined as the separation of things that naturally belong together, or to put antagonism between two things that usually have a harmonious relationship. This story reveals that alienation is a separation caused by a difference or misunderstanding among groups of people.
In this story, alienation is caused by the misunderstanding between the hunger artist and his audience. Many of the people do not understand his art and believe that he is cheating in order to stay alive, sneaking small portions of food at night. The artist hated when people did not understand him and his art. And the people just simply did not and could not believe his art. People believed t hat he grew frail from hunger, when in reality he grew frail from being miserable that no one understood him. The Impresario knew that the performance could only last 40 days or no one would be interested, even if the artist wanted to continue in order to fight against a world of misunderstanding. Yet somehow people just got bored of the performance anyways, society moved on.
The hunger artists’ struggles and continuation shows that all people are alienated in some way or form because no there is something special about everyone that only a few people can hope to understand. It shows the frustration one gets when they are underappreciated or undervalued.